Sunday, May 31, 2015

And sometimes stuff happens

A quiet day here in the pecan orchard.  Eschewing church for the opportunity to wash, dry and fold some laundry..........floors got mopped the deck cleared of oak detritus the tree rats insist on causing to fall.
The old spotted dog even got washed.  Which came as quiet a surprise to her.

When the cabin fever got too bad I drove over to a buddy's and helped him put a new radiator in a Crown Vic he's been trying to get running, while waiting for a title to be found.  Nice former police care but hasn't been running in a while.  Supposedly all that was wrong with it was the radiator was leaking. Based solely  on the fact that it over heated on a drive to town.  And the previous owner telling the same story.

Anyhoo the radiator got changed out with only a small amount of skin and blood lost.

Crank the Car.  Start filling radiator...........everything sounds good........but it sure seems to take a lot of water.  Look under the car to see if anything can be seen.

Water running out as fast as going in.  Oh, probably heater core he thinks.  So we bypass the heater core.  Surely this will fix it.  Try it again.......


Probably a cracked block.....

I quietly exit the neighborhood before he can get it jacked up and goes ballistic.

Sometimes you just don't get a break.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

First tentative steps back into the Interwebz 

Welcome back to the world of the semi-concious.  Just over two years have passed since I put anything out to the world.  Lots has gone on. Most of it not worth explaining.

Couple of things stick out:

1.  I don't care to be a part of the populace that keeps the current system in place as far as my God-given rights are concerned.  I'll watch and perhaps comment if I just can't help myself, but, for the most part, consider what happens in Washington, DC, HollyshitWood, and things reported by the MSM as something beneath notice most days.

2.  I'll try to give you a taste of rural life and the efforts I'm making to make things grow around here.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

A gentle lesson.

Some congratulate Veterans on Memorial Day.

I worked behind the shop and mowed the entire lawn today.

And thought............

Of all the barbeques and boats bobbing in the lake and all the bottles and cans of beer Consumed...

but, I didn't think much on them.

Please in no way take the next words as rebuke.  I was honored to serve my country as I thought I understood it and the Constitution we took oath to defend.  I am honored that you think of me as hero.  I will always try to be that for you as much as I know how.  My time as soldier marked me forever, ill or good.  Contributed to what and how I am today.  I have an ever greater appreciation of that as the days go by.

But, Memorial day, I'm afraid, will always be a time of sadness somewhat for me, for it is not just the barbeques, or the parades and the politicians high sounding blathering s to masses of ignorant sheeple.  Not stupid people, but people who yearn to have someone tell them what to think and do

Rather, I remember the dead I personally know and those I never knew, except through stories and histories, personal accounts of people who did know and serve with them, before my time and now in wars and conflicts both known and unknown, who believed and believe they were/are doing something required and right, whether it is/was or not, whether it truly made a difference, or not.

I remember the mother and father I had to inform that their precious son was not just missing, but gone.  Obliterated as if he had never been in the front seat of that Cobra, never ran home from school with excitement to tell of what he had learned that day, never taken his first turn behind the wheel of the family car, mother or father nervously watching, hoping he'd never be in an accident where they were not there to guide and counsel him out of the danger zone.
Remember those I saw fall, salute the boots and helmets, grief for the lose of their camaraderie, shameful for the relief that........there but for the grace of God.........

Mine not the only story, only out of all the hundreds of thousands. 

Stories we should remember with sadness and pride, not only on Memorial Day, but each and every day.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

AGW Just Damn

Can you believe this weather?
Neither do I.  52 degrees on May 4th, 9:20 in the am. with wind blowing 15 to 30 mph.

I've always been glad to live in the South............ Now?  I'm beginning to want to move farther south.

This is the time I've lain by corn before, or was at least giving it a first weeding.  Around the Kudzu area the farmers are just now planting their silage corn, and probably wondering if they'll have to re-plant

Makes me want to go and stick a pin in Al Gore

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Possum

Ol' "Possum" is gone.  All my life I've identified with so many of the lyrics he wrote and the songs he sang.  Always leading with his heart.  And sometime having that sucker stomped flat.  Like I say, "identify".
If I could go back in time and change any of the choices.......... I don't believe truly that I'd change a one.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For the love of little Chill dren

And the peace of mind of all the world, you need to turn in those evil guns right now.

Never mind that just over 129 years ago our peace loving government disarmed almost 300 of our citizens with heroic bravery.

December 29, 2012 marked the 122nd Anniversary of the murder of 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. These 297 people, in their winter camp, were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection.” The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. The Calvary began shooting, and managed to wipe out the entire camp. 200 of the 297 victims were women and children. About 40 members of the 7th Cavalry were killed, but over half of them were victims of fratricide from the Hotchkiss guns of their overzealous comrades-in-arms. Twenty members of the 7th Cavalry’s death squad, were deemed “National Heroes” and were awarded the Medal of Honor for their acts of [cowardice] heroism.

With, I have been told, approximately 1/16 Cherokee blood running through my veins, and the rest consisting of the blood of US citizens going back to at least the early 1700's I'm really reassured by the care and concern our government is showing for us.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wiping the sweat from my prepetuallly furrowed brow


I've been hunkered down here in the Kudzu Grotto (KG) since before Santy Claws time worrying about that there Financial Cliff (FC) that all those news people on the Big Rectangular Must Have Information Box (BRMHIB) sitting there so smugly catty cornered in the blue room, even those crackpots on the Fox beauty pageant channel, have been yammering on since the election.  Even to the point of keeping my haid down for more than a week after they claimed they'd fixed it forever and ever, amen!   I've seen too many rabbits shot down like the furry raskals they are cause they just couldn't sit there, all hunched up and hidden like, til those evil gun toting, bible fearing, kindergarden killers walked right on by with their eyes clouded over cause they know so damned much totin' they ass haulter AK's.

I ain't gonna be the first rabbit to run just cause some pompadoured talking head said everything was just fine now.

And that may be a good thing since I jest took a look at how many gazillion greenbacks is gonna be sweated by us field hands for the benefit of our betters and masters.  Which will enable them to pay off all our IOU's down at the plantation warehouse and general store, stead of them just adding on more to the totals on those brown paper sacks they keep fer each 'un of us in the hogshead barrel in the back room.

I feel so much better now.

I can climb up the financial ladder to the surface and take a shower under the garden hose with some Dawn dishwashing liquid, cause the better half was beginning to cringe a little bit when she thought I might be fixin to ask her for a little hug to wipe all my fears away.

Every thing be coming up roses now, fer shore!