Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'll love you forever

Forever yours, To my wonderful wife (or Husband)
All of these sentiments I read on the inside of so many wedding rings.
I see them that were written years ago, and some that were given in wedding ceremonies only a few months ago.
I buy old, scrap and unwanted gold jewelry from pawnshops and refine and resell the gold to jewelry manufacturies and others.
It's amazing how many wedding and engagement rings are to be found there. All of the people they belonged to I'm sure meant every word of their wedding vows. What happened? Where did all that love and affection go? Probably started to go when the guys stopped holding their stomach in and their wives stopped dying their roots, ( or shaving their legs ), and had bloating and cramping for like 3 years at a time. Lack of affection in inverse relation to the amount of time their husbands sat on the couch watching wrestling, with their feet on the coffee table and both hands stuck down the front of their pants. As an aside, I used to have a brother-in-law who on friday nite would come home with like 15 hours of WWF on video from Blockbusters.
His greatest thrill was his job as bush hog driver cutting the grass on the sides of the road.
Little wonder that his wedding ring is probably a completly different type of jewelry now.
Sis divorced his fat ass and married a Canuck. (but otherwise a pretty respectful type of guy)
If only he'll stop pushing her down and breaking her leg. Just kidding Rick.
I sometimes think we should go to having the betrothed couple take at least 3 years of classes on how to stay married before they could get a license. Oh yeah!, mostly now they don't bother with a ceremony. Just decide, yeah we've had two dates why don't we move in together.

Oh well it gives me something to do and maybe I'll make a dime or two if I keep it up.
Keep on selling those rings and other jewelry folks to the local pawn shop owner for 1/10th of what you paid for it. He'll double his money and I'll make a little cut too. Besides I so love it when in a pawn shop a guy will come in with two rings, the pawn shop guy will say $20 and ring guy will shout $20, but I paid $500.00 for those rings. Pawn shop guy says only worthe $20 to me. Well ok, but you guys sure are making a killing, give me the 20. I just smile and keep on going.

We got some rain on the kudzu. Tomatoe plants nearly as high as my head.


LL said...

My Ex and I pawned our simple yellow and white gold rings because we were so broke at one time, there was nothing else to do. EVERYTHING went, including the Glock 17. So not all those stories are tragic. We're just getting divorced and that's after 17 years of marriage.

K. D. Zu said...

No, not all are. Pawnbrokers are the lender of last resort for many people. A source of immediate cash for someone who has no other place to get some. As such they fill a necessary niche in our free market society.
I read you every day and know of your divorce, but not the reason, and rightly so, as it is your private business.
I was merely commenting on the irony of some of the words graven on so many rings, and the fact that the sentiments over time, for whatever reason, sometimes change.

Jean said...

I agree completely that there should be some kind of classes and time restrictions before getting married. It takes a long time to really get to know someone...hell... it takes even longer to get to know ourselves!

K. D. Zu said...

I was raised in what was then the rural south. About 35 miles from downtown Atlanta. Now it's all subdivisions and I have moved farther out to NE Ga. Still within reach of Atlanta, about 95 miles from downtown.
My parents and grandparents on both sides were farmers some of which benefited financially by the demand for land close to the city.
But, at the time there were fewer people around in the local area, and most people knew most of the others. Marriages were generally to someone you knew for a while and as important were known of your parents and grandparents. Some were even related distantly.
It gave marriages more stability because backgrounds were if not simular, at least familiar.
Didn't always mean till death do us part, but, might have given it a better chance.