Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ruminations on a Saturday afternoon in November

As I came across the backyard toward the house this afternoon I noticed that today we jumped past the peak of our leaf season here near the Classic City. While the White Oak leaves are still mostly green, the Tulip Poplars are trading their brilliant yellow for brown, the Hickory leaves, also yellow and gold are beginning to fall more quickly, the Black Gums are still a brilliant red and falling fast, but the maples..
............oh, the Maples are the true stars of the forest. Red, and pink and subtle colors that only an artist could describe.

But the peak is past us, a heavy rain or combination of brisk wind and rain will carpet the lawn with reminders that we need to cut the grass one more time and mulch what leaves I can. I would normally rake and pile them to be placed on the compost pile, but this year I'm gonna leave them in place. The rocky red and yellow soil here can use as much help as it can get.

On another note.......thinking of the lateness of the year, I recently picked up an old clock I'd had in the shop to be tuned up and adjusted.

An Oriole model E. Ingraham, circa 1906, made in Bristol Connecticut. Part of the original label is still affixed to the back. It chimes on the half and top of each hour.

The steady 'tick tock, tick tock' and the chiming reminds one, as do the leaves falling and the grey in my hair, that time marches on, and waits for no man.


Kat said...

Gorgeous clock! Love it. :) Yep, fall fell here in Loganville, too... apparently, all over my yard and driveway. I thought pinetrees were supposed to be EVERGREENS... so why do i have 28 trillion pine needles (a conservative estimate) blanketing my yard? Along with the aforementioned various & miscellaneous tree leaves, too, LOL>

Yep, from here on out, it gets a lot colder and days shorter... blech.

Is is spring yet?? LOL

Jean said...

I love antique clocks.
They are as distinguished as men with graying hair.

Anonymous said...

.... I have to agree with you on the Maples, man..... they are, by far, the most vibrant this time of year......... good god, I love autumn.....