Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter winds

Winter blew in yesterday with blustery arctic gusts that while not too bad in the morning, were brisk enough to drive a person indoors before the sun set. On a positive note though, was sunny and bright.

Today also dawns sunny and bright, with the thermometer reading down about 26 degrees......low enough to put a thin film of ice in the water bucket. Droplets froze on the sides of the dipper as soon as it was exposed to the air.

The leaves are all down on the ground and blowing around where they are dry enough. I don't guess a little tannic acid from the oak leaves will hurt the dogs water. Probably cure her insides a little making her tougher. When I first went outside she was in her little house ( a plastic 55 gallon drum wrapped in two layers of quilt, then wrapped with a double wrapping of plastic tarp, the inside layered with cedar shaving and wheat straw set on the porch of the tool shed), all the way in the back with just her nose stuck out of the straw. I don't know how warm it was but will say that I was tempted to get in there with her.

We loaded up the car and went down to the mother-in-law to spread a little Christmas cheer with her and the sister-in-law. We went out to a local Chicken Express where every one except me got the Catfish plates.......and I got the chicken livers. One might be excused for ordering 12 livers when you consider the average sized chicken.

They must have bred these chickens with Pterodactyls because they were each the size of a Cornish hen. I did my manly duty though and only had to give away six of them. I think the guy doing the counting went to the same high school I did. Lets just say that it looked like more than twelve.

Of course by the time we arrived back home it was time to take a mean meditate, in the Lazy Boy.

The economy must be really bad............I had a lady this evening try to sell me a plastic bag of sand, calling it gold. Claimed it had been tested at a lab and everything. I hope she kept her receipt and kept up with the boyfriend who gave it to her in exchange for a small loan. She'll have to get repayment for that by taking a pound of flesh from nearest his heart. LOL

I'm guessing that the investors who gave Billions to Bernie Madoff might be feeling much the same way.

Another cool night on the way, the a start on a new year with a warming up spell...
.......near 70 degrees by the weekend. It's sure tough living here in the South. Must be that Global Warming we've been hearing about.


Jean said...

It's been in the 40s (I think) all day and the wind has been whipping something fierce! My bones are chilled. Wearing three layers of clothes. I need to find socks...

I'm whining, aren't I?

Kat said...

I totally HATE this freakin' cold. I'm having horrible flashbacks of the time I lived in New Freakin' Jersey for six years! Gah!

Can't WAIT for it to be 70 again. I mean, sheesh, just cuz the first day of winter was a couple days ago, does it really have to ACT like it?! Since when has GA *ever* cared about acting seasonably temperature-appropriately?!?!

brrr.... oh crap, forgot to buy apple cider while I was at the store tonight. Crap. That means I have to go out again, tomorrow, the day before xmas eve. EEK! lol

Jean said...

p.s. I love fried chicken livers.

Anonymous said...

... and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours, big guy!....


Jean said...

Merry, Merry Christmas, Larry! ♥