Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Clouding the issue

Much is being made these last few days about whether to show the pictures of a dead Usama Bin Laden or whether waterboarding helped produce the intelligence that ultimately led to his demise.

WTFC Th' goat F***** is dead. Good enough for me. I'm just a little saddened by the fact that they didn't dip him in pig shit before they wrapped him in the shroud before they turned him into fish chum, but other than that I'm fine with it.

Did we pour a little water over the head of a few people to get the information. So What. I'd authorize the waterboarding of every person who might ever have had even the most tenuous of contact with him or his cohorts.

We're at war with Islamic fundamentalists who from the day they first went to school were taught one thing. Follow the Koran and death to anyone who doesn't convert willingly or not.

Of course Christians have not much room to talk. We've killed our fair share over religion over the years. It's just that mostly we've grown past that.

Don't believe me.............What about the guy that hid out in the mountains for years after bombing the Atlanta 1996 Olympics and that abortion clinic. He didn't just get the idea one day and think, "that'd be fun, hear, hold my beer".

There are damn few saints that walk this earth. Get used to it.

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Jean said...

I think the pic of the dead bastard should be made public.