Monday, November 21, 2011

We are all Criminals

Way back in the Dark Ages say the 1950's and 60's the world was a whole lot safer.
Pretty much if you minded your own business, and didn't interfere with someone else, and you weren't making or hauling moonshine, you were generally safe from the long arm of the law descending upon your shoulders and hauling you off to places you'd rather not be.

No More 

Now we are all criminals. Even if we think we have all the requisite permits, all the EPA regulations complied with, even if you are the most meek and humble person around....
you are a criminal in the eyes of some local, state, or federal busybody, er, ah, dedicated public servant.

Walk out your front're guilty of something. Put your hands on your head and lie down on your stomach. Don't look'll be tasared for resisting.

About all you can do these days is to accept your criminality and growl, as did Colonel Ludlow,

Screw 'em, Screw the government.

and go on your merry way.


Jean said...

The man follows the rules and still some schmucky loophole turns it upside down. Unbelievable!
BUT...the gov't gets to keep the money after they sell the fish. Damn.

Jean said...

Wishing you and yours a loving Thanksgiving!

Yabu said...

I'm with you, the government, and society in general, is out of control...