Friday, March 30, 2012


Lower left back, right at the top of the tail bone. Longish drives will do that to me. Left at 9, got back about 6. Got in 4 productive visits and one worthless visit with the ox in the story of the ox and the ass, wherein I refuse to play the ass.

So no working on the New Place........I'm thinking of naming it Periwinkle Farm, because of the profusion of said flowers all around the house and man cave. I've been saving a 36 inch cut off saw blade for just such a sign, somehow knowing in the back of my mind that I'd be able to find a use for it one day.

We've had a few small sprinkles here tonight. Just enough to wet my socks when stepping out upon the back deck.

In visiting my usual suspects in the blog-o-sphere this evening ran across this.......

At Pissed's place

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Yabu said...

He nailed it, as usual.