Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Is this the first major federal domino? 

The USPS has been hemorrhaging money like blood from a botched backstreet abortion for years.
Is it time to pull the plug?
Anything I need to send anywhere, if it can't be done electronically, I use Fedex.  Does it cost more?  Yes, but I'll gladly spend the few extra shekels to promptness and security.

Like many another federal program the USPS as is presently structured is doomed.  Eleven Billion each year is mandated they put into retirement accounts and retirement health accounts.  That's with a B .

Wouldn't it make more sense to phase out those payments.  Require the remaining employees to pay into a retirement account that they will own and control such as is the social security program in Chile.  While you might think Chile is a third world country, their social security program is a diamond in a world of gravel.

What will be next?  Already cities all over the country are either declaring bankruptcy, or thinking seriously.

It's coming. 

Are you ready?


dakotas5 said...

The Senate appropriated the funds that the Postal workers were contributing to their pension funds to the general fund like SSI and everything else. Yes it's an abortion but CONgress has the the coat hanger in their hand.

kdzu said...

So let's fire the abortionists.