Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wiping the sweat from my prepetuallly furrowed brow


I've been hunkered down here in the Kudzu Grotto (KG) since before Santy Claws time worrying about that there Financial Cliff (FC) that all those news people on the Big Rectangular Must Have Information Box (BRMHIB) sitting there so smugly catty cornered in the blue room, even those crackpots on the Fox beauty pageant channel, have been yammering on since the election.  Even to the point of keeping my haid down for more than a week after they claimed they'd fixed it forever and ever, amen!   I've seen too many rabbits shot down like the furry raskals they are cause they just couldn't sit there, all hunched up and hidden like, til those evil gun toting, bible fearing, kindergarden killers walked right on by with their eyes clouded over cause they know so damned much totin' they ass haulter AK's.

I ain't gonna be the first rabbit to run just cause some pompadoured talking head said everything was just fine now.

And that may be a good thing since I jest took a look at how many gazillion greenbacks is gonna be sweated by us field hands for the benefit of our betters and masters.  Which will enable them to pay off all our IOU's down at the plantation warehouse and general store, stead of them just adding on more to the totals on those brown paper sacks they keep fer each 'un of us in the hogshead barrel in the back room.

I feel so much better now.

I can climb up the financial ladder to the surface and take a shower under the garden hose with some Dawn dishwashing liquid, cause the better half was beginning to cringe a little bit when she thought I might be fixin to ask her for a little hug to wipe all my fears away.

Every thing be coming up roses now, fer shore!

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