Monday, May 24, 2010

Home grown tomatoes

I does love me some home grown tomatoes.

Went out back to the postage stamp sized garden we tried to till into our rocky, rooty ground here this evening and sprinkled a bit more fertilizer around some of the plants that are up and growing, tomatoes, straight neck yellow squash, okra, and one row of beans that haven't yet made their appearance. Just a tad, I'd put some fertilizer down when the tilling was almost done and churned it in, but the plants are needing a bit more nitrogen right about now, along with a gentle sprinkling of water from the rain barrel that catches the gutter run off from the left back corner of the house. There is a chance of rain and maybe like washing a car, watering the garden will ensure it.

I was rewarded by spying the first quarter sized fruit on the Rutgers tomato plant. The Better Boy and the Goliath plants are just starting to bloom and I'm sure they'll be sporting some tiny green tomatoes any day now.

I really need to get some landscape timbers and make this a raised bed garden by next year. I'll have to bring in some potting soil to mix with some of the leaf mulch and a bit of cow manure to fill the beds since the dirt we have here is a mixture of rocks and gully dirt that will grow dandelions in abundance but grass, flowers and vegetables need something a bit more fertile to do well.

Maybe I can get the grandson to use the pick and dig out the rocks and build a stone wall...
..nah.......lets not get too ambitious.

In the meantime I'm gonna dream of tomato sandwiches on Honey Wheat Bread with Blue Plate Mayo a bit of salt and generous helpings of black pepper. You purists can have your white bread......I prefer a bit more substance to mine.

There is something immensely satisfying about watching your garden grow, and especially eating something you've grown yourself.

Might be it'll be good practice for the times ahead.


Paladin said...

I dig this time of year for lots of reasons, not the least of which is the first fresh vegetables in a long time that didn't have to travel farther than I've traveled in my liftetime.

Harvested the first of what was supposed to be sweet banana peppers yesterday. I was really looking forward to it. Apparently the plant store had them labeled wrong 'cuz they were hot enough to make me cuss when I bit into one :)

Carolyn said...

I too dream of home grown tomato sandwiches but alast I think my plants got too dry while I was out of town helping with the grandchildren.