Monday, May 31, 2010

The Rain

I woke to rain this morning, not a hard rain particularly, just a rain with the promise of more to come during the day. Gray clouds blocked the sun but were not hanging low enough to give that dreary, claustrophobic feeling......more a 'oh, it's raining, it'll stop in a few minutes and I'll step out back without getting wet, do some things that need doing and if it rains more I'll be dry under the tool shed or the canvas shelter.

And it did.....rain some more off and on.

Kinda like my and on....on the task at hand....on the tasks ahead.

Off into the mists over Khe Sanh.....onto the hill just north where lie the ashes of Carl and John, for there wasn't anything left but a watch after hundred of pounds of JP-4 hit the hill a fraction of a second after they did..

Onto the rain dripping from the leaves on the to that tall dead tree 20 feet higher than the surrounding jungle that was the last thing Wendall and his pilot Cpt. whose name I forget, saw.

On to plans for tomorrow, which is about as far into the future as I ever can get... to Tony's house for a short visit.....back home to peel 4 spuds to be fried with onions and served with love and pieces of dead cow to me and the old grump by my better half. Better by far.....that she's still around after 4 decades is a wonderment to me.

On to the road for a 20 minute trip to buy a little scrap and some old coins that were around when the soldiers of the first and second World Wars went marching off to what they could not at that time visualize. Off to the thoughts that some things are worth fighting, living, and dieing for.

On to the interwebz to check up on the state of the world. Off into the dark corners of my mind when Borepatch led me to this......

And soon off to bed, glad to be there and listening........

to the rain.

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