Monday, June 14, 2010

Poor, poor, pitiful Obama

You just have to almost feel sorry for the guy.

Somebody probably told him that all he had to do to be presidential was stick his chicken chest out and hold his head up high and we'd all follow him blindly where-ever his skipping and flute playing would lead us.

Never mind that Americans don't particularly like someone who is always looking down their nose at us, telling us that we don't know what is good for us, that we're gonna get screwed like there was no tomorrow and we'd not only pay good money for the opportunity but would gladly hock our children, grand children and great-grand children for as far into the future as you care to imagine, all the while looking back over our shoulder trying to get a kiss.

Sorry Barrack..........John Wayne hasn't been dead that long.

Of course The Duke never had to come up with some one to blame for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. If he had I expect he would have said something like.....,'Whatna hell do you expect me to do. I can't control the fickle finger of fate. If you want it cleaned up get off your ass and start mixing some loose hay in the water behind those fancy orange floaty things to soak some of that oil up. It's bad and gonna be'll be worse if you sit on your ass and point fingers, while doing nothing to help your own selves. Volcanoes erupt, floods come.....don't build on the side of a volcano or in a flood plain, don't start drilling 5000 feet below sea level without having at least two worst case scenarios planned for and trained for with all available equipment and personnel ready and trained ahead of time. Life is hard and it's harder when you're stupid'.

Politician exist because they convince us that they have all the answers and will always be looking out for our best interest.

I suspect if we could read their minds and knew what they were really thinking, there'd be an open season on them with no bag limit, bounties awarded for the use of the most creative manner in which they were lured into the kill zone and dispatched. Maybe we could turn it into some kind of a reality show, get those 2 British guys and some hot model to narrate it.


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Classic! I do not feel sorry 0bama...I hope he falls off his horse.

I'm not a follower, but if I was, I'd run his ass over.

Anonymous said...

.... love the Wayne-esque response..... and by the way, are you still collecting the silver coins?..... if so, do you have any experience at sending them off to be graded by GCI or PCGS?....

all the best,

Eric SWG