Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Triple Fudge Walnut Brownies

with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Comfort food.

Needed quite a lot this evening.

An evening of thunder, lightening and rain. Much appreciated after the last few days of temps in the high 90's with humidity you have to slice with a sharp knife to walk through. A relief to hear the air conditioner cease sucking up the $ bills for a few minutes.

Of course the relief will be only short lived......already the thunder is becoming more distant and the rain not so fierce.

The need for the brownies occasioned by the absence of the pooch who is imprisoned in the local Vet's clinic for observation, re-hydration, medication all brought about by the finding of bloody stool this morning and a general off feed, whining, discomforting lassitude in our Toby Boy.

Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis...... which is vet talk for bleeding in the intestines for one or more of possibly a dozen and a half possibilities. Did you know that it's not wise to treat your dog with those rawhide chew toys that are everywhere these days? Neither did we.

What ever the reason our pooch is not at home with us and the wife is not happy about it, especially as the rumbling and flashing would be driving him under the bed were he home and around his packmates (the wife, the ol' grump and I).

Who knows what torments he's suffering alone in his wire cage there a million miles away from home, with no one to scratch behind his ears or rub his tummy and no snoring from me as he sleeps on the pillow above our heads at night.

So while you're getting ready to lie in your comfortable beds tonight, give a moment of silence and possibly prayer for the little pooch, who will no doubt be as miserable without us as we without him.


Jean said...

What a scary thing for the pooch and all of you. Hope he gets better real soon.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Damn, comfort food is an understatement. I always put a dollop of vanilla ice cream on brownies, pies, cobblers, etc.

Thinking some Good Good Juju for your dog.

My Dog Stretch hurt his back really bad. It came down to a bullet or major bucks. Fortunately, I had the cash.


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