Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Been there........ Done that!

I have been to the center of the Universe........

...and I've eaten at the Dairy Queen there.

Hinton, West Virginia. I'm almost reluctant to write the name, lest too many people discover the perfect place to sit on the upstairs porch at my Sister and Brother-in-laws get-away place.

Sitting in the New River Gorge on the side of possibly the second oldest river in the world after the Nile River, I thought hardly at all about the political or financial situation in the rest of the world.

We sat there till midnight just listening to the gentle roar of the river and watched the lights come on and go out, the stars twinkle brightly, and occasionally the sound of coal trains or Amtrak remble, creak and groan their way to where ever they were off to.......

.....we cared not where, we were just glad to be.

Over 1000 miles of driving over 4 days. Seven and a half hours to get to Hinton....
....12 hours to get through Southern West-by-God Virginia and Southern Kentucky to I-75 just north of Knoxville TN........Another 6 hours to get back here to Athens......tired and ass weary, but happy that we were blessed to see wide rivers, steep mountain hillsides...valleys so deep it seemed impossible that the sun could reach the bottoms more than an hour a day.

Glad to go........Glad to return.....can hardly wait to go back.


Jean said...

That explains the quietness here.

Post more beautiful pics like the one here. My mind could float out there for a longggggg time. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

glad you two got to safely go and come back again. center of the universe perhaps but a lot of peace.