Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's late

11:10 pm and my side of the king sized bed is beginning to call more urgently to me.

O'Course I'll likely have to shove the pooch off my pillow if he's slid down too low. I don't mind him sleeping above my head unless he starts one of his licking marathons where he licks the pillow over and over and over......almost as if it hypnotizes him and he can't stop.

There is lot's of news that I could work up a rightous rant about tonight, like What happened to Global Warming? But, the weather is starting to cool off here a little and it's just too nice to worry about.

And WTF is it about female School Teachers these days? It used to always be the male athletics coach that gave us all the problems. Do you think these products of our finest universities of higher learning have so emasculated the grown men in their lives that they have to turn to underage kids to get off. They could volunteer to tutor me......I promise to study hard and I'm old enough that they wouldn't be likely to get in to jail. Of course I might be shot by the wife, but perhaps it's a sacrifice I should make to keep the young boys from being abused like they have been.

The President is still on his mission to tear down the engine that runs the world.
Perhaps he should read Ayn Rand to find out what happens when TPTB try to do that. One day he'll look back and ask himself, "WTH".
Nothing more need be said about him and the dumbocrats.

Gold of course is setting new records for price every day almost. Understandable when the politicians and the banksters boast proudly that they are going to destroy the dollar.

That reminds me I need to pick up some more precious metals.......brass, copper and lead.

Mostly I just hear the news or read it online and shake my head in disgust or despair depending on my mood and then I go about my life.

I'm tolking with a friend who wants to sell his 100 + acres out in the country a ways. Nice place with lots of potential but it will all depend on the price I guess. I really like the fact that there are two little ponds dug on the place and just need some water diverted to fill them in. I've wanted to have a place to grow hybrid Bream for a while. They give a hell of a fight on a fly rod. Everybody else likes catfish but they're too much trouble to clean for my taste. The place also has an almost mountain like view without getting into the stratosphere of prices that those kinds of property fetch.

Life is interesting, which makes it fun, challenges energize me once more and I may jump into the deep end again........only this time with an inner tube to hold on to.

Ya'll come for breakfast, we'll have a couple of hen apples over easy with some kink of pig to go with them.......maybe even a cats head buttermilk biscuit.

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