Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Morning 10/23/10

It's a beautiful day here in the neighborhood. The Classic city is not bothering me since I've yet to leave the yard. I may have to later to get a little something to work with, but not yet.
I waiting on the wife to return from picking up the grand girl. Looking forward to that. It's been a while and I look forward to seeing how much she changes in a couple of weeks.

Today she has been to the mall where her parents have taken her, as a reward for being good and accomplishing some things they wanted, to climb the rock wall and bounce on the bungee cords......I'm telling you the girl knows no fear, yet likes to be told stories about the wolves in the deep dark woods and pretend to be scared. Go figure.

I hope it's a swell day where you are. If it's not.....go out and make it one. It's all up to you.

Politics here in Georgia have devolved, as usual, into the most vile sort of muck raking, and also as usual neither of the candidates are giving good sensible options for the future any play at all. It's a contest between the devil you know and love and the devil you know and hate. Both candidates for governor are old line politicians of similar stripe and don't deserve a moments consideration. I'll probably vote for the Libertarian candidate where I'll be able to say, "I voted", but I didn't vote for either of those two asswipes.

Soon one election cycle and there will be exactly one split second before we are exposed to the next one.

Don't you just love it?

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