Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twenty Six Days

Not my longest time away from this bit of shite and giggles.

But Close.

Why the away time??

As soon ask the black dog why he barks and howls at the moon. He just does.

Lots of things been going on. Computer broke.. new computer. Big Red the Dodge Ram was making funny noises and gasps as if straining up the last long dusty trail before...?? New Big Red Dodge Ram (does it have a Hemi?) With a Hemi..... 4 doors and 20 inch wheels....Twin exhausts and growls. Used.......Never buy new. 2009 model so technically 2 years old......8000 miles.. not bad...well, except for the payments starting next month, and the increased insurance. No ad valorum (sic?) taxes thanks to a grateful Clarke County for services rendered long past.

These two things necessitating increased diligence to the tasks at hand, combined with the rational and irrational fear mongering of various national and international supposedly asset preserving companies making hay while the gold shines, leading to increased buying and selling creating more demands on my time. (one fewer naps during the day)

The upcoming election day now less than two weeks away generating both hope and fears.....leavened with a generous helping of (rightfully so) skepticism, giving us some hope for change of a kind some of us had almost given up as a lost cause.

My guess.......The elections will decide little or nothing, spending will remain exuberantly profligate, China will rise and America sink, and in two years we will again hear about Getting America back on track, the American dream, and the rest.

I honest to goodness hope I'm wrong about that.....not so much for me as for the grandkids aged 4 years up to 18 years. Will they be as excited about the future as I was on the day in July '69 when man took "one small step" and "a giant leap".

Will they look to the stars and say "Why not".

Or will they say, "No way".

Whatever.......there will be those who say both. What matters is that we keep striving, fighting, that we can look back and say, as ol' Blue Eyes said, "I did it my Way".

Lots of rambling here.....take your pick and come back if you care to.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, we missed you.

Jean said...

ditto with anon.