Thursday, March 24, 2011

Always there.

I just came in from walking the pooch down the drive for his nightly sniff and snoop, combined, of course, with whizzing on ever spot he thought appropriate to leave his mark. At all of 18 lbs. (which granted is a little chubby for a Yorky) he thinks he's 10 feet tall and bullet proof.
Truth be told he owns the Kudzu Grotto (KG) and will loudly protest any incursion....... even if he only thinks he heard something approach. Woe betide any other dog that should approach the chain link boundary of his domain. He may not be able to get to them but you'll think he's gonna chew through the fence and gnaw them down to kibble size.

Some people live with delusions of being more important than they actually are also. For instance most all politicians of whatever stature.........even if it's only county marshal of Franklin County, GA, one step up from dog catcher, but he get's to ride around in a county truck that has Marshall painted on the side.

We've got a lot of deluded people up in D.C. also. They think they are great leaders, but take a look at the fine messes they've gotten us into.

Some of us think we have the power too........after all we contribute to the parties and pull the lever for the above mentioned bozos.

It's a clear night here close by the Classic City. A little chilly to be walking the dog in pajama bottoms and a cotton tee, but as I walked with the pooch back toward the house.... I looked up and thought to look for the North Star. I immediately spotted one that I thought was it. And then I second guessed my self and had to look for the Big Dipper, or Ursa Major, to confirm identity. I was gratified to see I was still able to spot the North Star (actually at my age I'm glad to be able to see it) and to know I could count on it to give me a sense of my direction.

It's hard to get lost when you know what direction you're headed in......

Maybe we all ought to look up in the night sky a little more often......

Maybe make it a requirement for any political office to be taken blindfolded out onto a hill on a dark night and pick out the North Star within a second guesses allowed.

If they can't find it, make them walk home. Alone.


Paladin said...

I'd settle for taking them out to the dark hillside and seeing if they could find their own ass with both hands... though I doubt many of them would pass even that test.

Jean said...

I forget too often how peaceful that view is... the night sky. I should make that part of my wind-down routine at the end of the day.
Thanks for the reminder.

As far as the politicians, just take them out to a big, heavily treed hill. And leave them there.

Yabu said...

Yeah, Stretch is the same way. He believes he is the same size as whatever he's targeting, and he's the best burglar alarm ever. No way anyone can sneak up on me.

I agree, we are in a HUGE mess.