Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They finally got me....

Identity thieves that is. A**holes.

About to write the kudzu wife a check this morning and bethought to myself to check online the status of the Vast Kudzu Fortune. (VKF)

Good thing I did.....

Some how, probably through a skimmer, my debit card # had been used 3 times in Orlando, FL. I'm pretty sure I've never even been in Orlando, but, an atm at the 7-11 located at 6994 West Colonial St. had turned over nearly $900.00 of my Obummer stimulus stash. Good thing the welfare check is due day after tomorrow, although, I'll most likely be mightily tired of Pork & Beans by then.

Did you know that the Orlando County Sheriff's Department will take your criminal complaint online now. It's so refreshing not to have to actually talk to a live human to resolve these types of incidents.

Still if by some freak of nature or perversion of the normal way of things they do actually send a contentious human out there to look at the atm video tape (assuming it actually works) they might actually be able to see who the scum-crawling septic tank resident was that hied himself (or herself) off with the sum total of the VKF, no doubt to help fund their way through Law School, which they will need as a part of the resume that will help in their aspirations to enter public service and eventually become part of the great and wonderful leadership we have in Washington, D.C.

Is this a great country or what?

I'll tell you one may see my mug shot in the paper for vandalizing convenience store fuel pump card readers, as I'll never more slide my card to one with out making sure it is an integral part of the original equipment, and in no way can be removed by less than a blow torch and crow bar.

It's too bad that vengeance can't be applied to folks like that by the victims. I don't want justice.....

...retribution is more to my liking.


LL said...

HOLY FUCK, DUDE! You got taken for $900?! I'm so sorry.

And yeah, a God-like smiting would be good about now, huh?

Paladin said...

That sucks, man. I've been burned a couple of times using my card - but luckily I use it like a credit card instead of debit so they caught it and denied the charges when someone tried to use the number.

They were trying to buy stuff online from Mexican music stores. Go figure.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

Interesting...I just received, today, a new debit card in the mail from my bank...they believe the Juju Woman's account has been compromised. No phone calls, a new card just showed up. I'll wait until this evening when she gets home to review our account online, together, but I don't believe she's been buying Chinese food in a town 250 miles away. Unbelievable. This is the third time in two years we've been issued new cards under the same circumstances. The thing is, we have the cards...never lost one or had one stolen, and our digital photos are on 'em.

I have no idea how someone got her number, but I'll go on fuel pump patrol with you anytime.

Joe said...

That sucks. It happened to me about four years ago -- the week before we were due to pay for food etc. for my Boy's graduation.

I hope the bank works it out quickly. The police -- they said they do no teven bother investigating.

Yabu (EOTIS) said...

One more thing, I use to manage the database for a pretty small / medium sized retail operation. 72 stores nationwide and 20 more in Canada. I had every credit card number for every credit / debit card transaction for the last eighteen years. Unencrypted. Federal laws say you don't have to encrypt said information unless you do "so much" volume. At least, they did a few years ago. That is a huge hole. I'm talking I kept the detail for millions of transactions. Bottom line...once you swipe a card on a POS terminal, you've got everything you need, and all that info gets uploaded to the bank, AS WELL as the corporate office every time you poll the store. Anyone with any sense can extract that information from a table.

Hell, if they give you their street address (for mailing specials?) or zip code (at store level), it's even worse...they've already got your name.

I guess the only way to defeat 'em is to pay cash for everything, but they'll still have your tag number if you're getting fuel.