Friday, July 01, 2011

Theft Update

I guess it is probably policy of my bank to attempt to make whole it's customers who fall pray to identity theft......especially if they notify the bank before they open on the day it's first noticed. But it makes a guy feel special that everyone in the small branch of the local bank I deal with are all supportive and ready to do whatever they can to help.

Although it probably also helps that they see me at least one and sometime 5 days a week, always with a smile and friendly word to all and occasionally bringing by a surprise to show them or an offer to render service.

So far they have provisionally replaced the money in my account while they investigate.

Needless to say a new card and pass word will be arriving soon. You forget just how often you make use of the convenience after a while. I assure you I'll be checking out the POS devices first from now on.


I had my first ever acupuncture session late this afternoon. Hopefully to spark a break to the stalled improvement the medical massage therapist has been giving my neck and shoulders.

A bit weird at first, along with a little doubt about it's effectiveness..... I'm
now a tentative believer. Before the hour and a half session was over I was able to turn my head fully to the left and on the right side of neck and shoulders where pain was to rotate my head and neck farther than has been possible in many years.

All of this due to having needles placed in the back of the left hand and heel of left foot.

Hardly seems like the appropriate place when the pain is in neck and shoulders on the other side...........but, I'll not argue with success. Unless, of course, I wake up in the morning paralyzed from the neck down.

So........two good results of having the grandmother run into the back of the truck over a month ago. I found a great medical massage therapist, as opposed to just a massage for relaxation, and she referred me to an Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture doctor with an actual Doctorate instead of being simply certified by some school no one ever heard of and whose phone # has been disconnected.

Unfortunately, instead of being able to simply swipe my card I had to remember to carry my checkbook and write out the check.

How quickly we succumb to these modern conveniences.

You all have a wonderful Independence Day. Think about Liberty an all that goes with it.


Yabu said...

I've had acupuncture one time, for a bad knee. It worked. Amazing.

Jean said...

Progress in two areas. Excellent!
Here's hoping both continue well.

Joyce Partridge said...

Happy and safe 4th to you and yours God Bless