Friday, July 15, 2011

Hi-dee-ho Neighbor

It's not that I don't have opinions about everything going on these days, it's just that I've come to opine that it may just be better to keep my head down.......
or at least stand behind the tomato vines.

Of course it might work better if instead of red I tried some camo clothing and face paint.

Or maybe keep the red and stick my arms out to scare the crows.


Paladin said...

Or maybe a green shirt with tomatoes printed on it? :)

Good lookin' vines. The drought here is beating my Dad's little fall tomato plants pretty bad. Decent tomatoes around here are so scarce that you have to ask for tomato on you hamburger specifically or they don't include it at the hamburger joints.

kdzu said...

Damn, no tomatoes in the summertime? Sounds like one version of hell.

Joyce Partridge said...

the deer have nipped off everything not enclosed in the wire cage. only a few have ripened so far but delicious

Jean said...

I can always send the tomatoes from my sammiches to you guys... with my blessings.

Jean said...

oh...and the ones they keep tossing into my salads.

kdzu said...

Must be one of those Florida Yankees then, if'n ya don't like home grown Tomatoes.
O'course we'll take them with pleasure......and a little Blue Plate Mayo on loaf bread, with salt and enough pepper to turn everything black.
Then you could add a little...(half lb. or so) hickory smoked bacon. Maybe a little lettuce.
Best of all slide a big slice into a fresh, hot, buttered biscuit. A little local honey on the side for dipping.
You know, I just don't think there is any way to eat home growed tomatoes that I don't like. Hey, even put some in that cucumber finger sandwich the fancy folks like......with a thin slice of good onion.

Jean said...

Vidalia onion...yummmm.