Friday, January 27, 2012

My Choice for President

What? You thought I can stomach voting for the lessor of many evils again?

The first time I ever voted was for Ronald Regan in 1980, knowing that ultimately he was the choice of the Rockefeller's, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburgers. David R. laid his arm around Regan's shoulder and said, "Ronnie's my Man".

I've voted every election since, either holding my nose as with McRino, or voting Libertarian.

To tell the truth, I'm a little fed up with the whole process. Super Tuesday I'll have another opportunity to either hold my nose or write in Ann's name.

I think my arms gonna be too sore from recoil to reach high enough to hold my nose again.


Yabu (EOTIS) said...

I like Barnhardt...she's got a pair. I've watched most of her videos over at her place, and she's mostly spot on. Closing her business down after the MF mess was an honorable thing to do. Probably saved many of her clients.

This might be the most important election of our lives. This will be my first "vote against" go. Sadly, we only have two choices, so I will vote for whomever the GOP nominates. The reality is the only way Obama can be defeated is by voting for someone that has a chance of defeating him. I believe a 3rd ticket will give Obama another four years. I might be holding my nose too, but nothing stinks like Obama.

kdzu said...

You're probably right, we'll have to see the process through. High stakes this year. Even if we win it will take a strong wind to get the stink out of the Congress and bureaucracies.

Jean said...

Will we live long enough to recover from the last several years? That thought scares me.

kdzu said...

We're in a funk right now for sure, but, I remember the funk of 1980 as well.
Sure, things are different now, the world has changed, as it always does. Will the jobs lost to China come back? Probably not. But, I make this guess. If the entrepreneurial spirit of the American business people be unleashed, in areas of medicine, technology, innovation.....we could see dramatic changes virtually overnight.
Will there be enough people of vision left to turn the world on it's ear, remains to be seen.
I prefer to keep watching, rather than sticking my head in the sand.