Monday, January 02, 2012

The Republic is dead, All hail the Empire

Did you ever notice how so many bad acts of legislation are signed into law on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve.

First the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, now the

National Defense Authorization Act of 2012
signed by Barack Hussain O'Facist Obama on Saturday.

Of course he claims that although he has the power to detain American CITIZENS indefinitely, without either charges or trial,.....of course
Hheeeeee would never use it.
He being too noble, honest and true believer in the Constitution that he is.

Of course he is aided and abetted by his fellow dictators-in-training now serving in the congress.

For an idea of just how committed they are to the Oaths of Office they swore to, consider that of the Senate the vote was 93 for vs. 7 against, and in the House the vote was 229 for vs. 186 against, and 17 voting either present/or not voting.

My Congressman voted against, but, our two staunch Conservative senators voted for.

The RCOB over my eyes threatens to blind me to any calls for restraint. Suffice it to say that my money and time will be committed to removing them from office. Bastids!!

Many church signs around the community lately asking, " what will we be praying for in the coming year?

Gonna give this some serious thought.

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