Thursday, April 12, 2012

Attitude adjustment??

We've now slept in the New place for a week. My bed is as comfortable as at the old place and no more willing to eject me kicking and screaming at sunrise.

Now however, as in days of yore, I don't have to go to work. When my feet hit the floor.......
here I am.

Having recently reached the age of drawing my sociable security (oxymoron) the thoughts of, "what if the gubbermint cuts ss out, or, more likely, continues to pay, only with rapidly depreciating $'s?"

Truthfully, I'd feel it, but it would only inspire harder work.

Eric Peters @

puts it in perspective.

We've been the victims of of a massive ponzy scheme and wholesale robbery for the past 76 years. And every year the thieves grow more bold and audacious, extracting more and more from their gullible victims to the point that now we willingly and gladly hold our moth filled purses out for their plundering, hoping that we'll live long enough to be the eventual recipients of their Robin Hood largess, ignoring the fact that Robin always keeps most for himself and his Gay band and we'll get the crumbs.

Interesting reading for an early morning, but since I've been harping on it for 30 + years and still gladly find my pittance in the bank once a month, I'm as much a thief as the rest.

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