Thursday, May 03, 2012

Just Damn!

When I don't post for a while (3 wks or so)  I come back to find that blogger has completely revamped the dashboard where these rantings and ravings are composed with great attention to punctuation, grammar and all those other things the english teachers in high school cracked my knuckles about.

All I wanted to do is let folks know that my email (which I thought was posted in the About Me section), was not.

I have corrected that oversight.  This may result in more spam and ads for male enhancement, which I may need, but the fact of four (count 'em) 4 children shows that I've had sex at least 4 times in my life and any inadequacies were not sufficient to prohibit getting the job done.  Of course I am well trained in the art of artificial insemination.

So, if anyone wishes to converse outside the comment section, please avail yourself of the email link.

House keeping aside, it's been hot and dry here for the last few days.  Actually the dry part stretches back much farther than has been good for the ecological health of the local flora.  Cranking the lawnmower automatically creates a cloud of good red Georgia dust that covers everything in the area.

We watered Kathrine and the other flowers today.  I found the sprinkler while trying to arrange some of the mess in the Man Cave.  Of course the mechanism on the sprinkler which caused it to wave back and forth broke on the first wave and we could only water in one direction.  But the Gladiolas and roses seems a little brighter for the effort.  Tomorrow I may water the Tomatoes.

I sure hope they bloom this year, but since they were only planted 6 weeks ago I'm having my doubts.

Oh yes, does anyone have and atomic powered post hole digger.  That may be the only way to get a hole of more than two inches deep dug here at the Periwinkle farm.  


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