Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let the chips Fall!

 Just my opinion

As your attempt to meet with Isakson shows, the GOP establishment does not want Tea Party advice.  In their arrogance they believe they have all the answers. 
IMO we don't need them.  The old establishment has to fail,  and will.   Let it!!  They have purposely let it get to the point of destruction because they have only the ideas of the past.  They are welded at the hipbone with the money lenders, bankers, printers, crony capitalists, war-makers and defense (so called.  How much money would they make if peace broke out) industrialists.
Power-brokerage is their business and life.
Again, IMO, we need to concentrate on building up 9/12 groups, Tea Partiers who have not bought into the establishment, true constutionalists and others of like mind.
If we become big, strong, committed and numerous......including all True Freedom Lovers on the right and the left, and believe me they are out there (go watch the Glenn Beck show from last night)
THEN........will we have something with which to compete and win.  We will have to create a new paradigm in education, politics and government..........and the established order will fight us tooth and nail.  Hell fire............we're all ready doing it amongst ourselves.
We are going to have to first form into tribes on a local level, committed to one another, then to the next tribe, until we are ready to form a NEW Nation conceived in Liberty (sorry Abe).
Let the old regime fall...........

Only then will the people be ready to learn about liberty and freedom again.

What say you?

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Velociman said...

I can never find your email. We're brothers, man. You can do with my blog whatever you want to. And, nice post. I can see we're on the same wavelength.