Monday, November 19, 2012

Nothing has changed

Well, it sure didn't take long for the republicrats to show they learned nothing from the last election, did it?

Mark Rubio, Newt and all the rest of the good ol' boys have jumped all over Mitt Romney for saying what we all know to be true.

The democians won the presidential election because of the gifts Obama handed out.

OH No!!!!

We can't be alienating any potential votes for us by telling the truth, can we?

We can't say that women want free contraception including abortions all paid for by somebody else

We can't say that people want 2 years of unemployment paid for by somebody else

We can't say that we would rather give out free housing, food and entertainment to the socially disadvantaged in order to keep them from throwing cement blocks from the overpasses

We can't say that the poor, poor, pitiful poor in this country live a lifestyle several orders of magnitude better than  90% of the rest of the world

We can't say that it wouldn't affect the rest of us one whit that some women want to marry other women, or that some men would like the opportunity to do the same, when for decades we've worked to destroy the institute of marriage by paying unwed mothers to not only give birth to their bastards but support them the rest of their lives

We can't say that it's OK to drink one drug or inhale as many mind altering drugs as possible as long as a medical doctor writes the prescription, but don't you dare try to gain access to other substances we've labeled as illegal, because we need a war on them in order to keep our prisons full and provide employment to petty dictators wearing a badge  an a holier than thou attitude

We can't say we have to support the armament industries by bombing the shit out of third world countries.  We're spreading democracy don't you know.  (The founding fathers would shoot us out of hand for using the word democracy)

A political party that would rather cater to the most base emotions rather than stand on principal is not one I will join.

On the other hand, a political party that would have me as a member is not one I'd join anyway!  

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