Saturday, August 29, 2009

Diet food

I've neglected to keep you folks updated on the progress of the diet I've embarked upon in an effort to get rid of the 4 year old child that has been growing around my midsection for lo these many years.

When last we checked in the loss had tallied about 14 lbs. I'm pleased and saddened at the same time to report that an additional 4 lbs has been shed. Pleased that it melted away with relative ease and saddened to admit that 3 lbs have suddenly reappeared. (I knew that the salmon patties with biscuits and gravy last night was going to be a bad idea. Of course the cherry turnover a bit later didn't help any.)

So today it was back to the old grindstone. Starting out with a nice 3 egg omelet stuffed with ham, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and cheese. I did manage to pass up the grits with butter.

Lunch was an old pork chop from a couple of days ago with a bit of cream cheese.

This evening was a fetch and carry supper. I was sent to Chicken express to fetch supper and carry it home.

The wife had the catfish fillet dinner while the ol' Grump and I had that fancy French country cuisine... As I like to call it "Red Neck Pâté de foie gras" or fried chicken livers. Of course I did pass on the mashed potatoes and gravy with cold slaw. I guess I could have eaten a bit of the cold slaw... but hey, why take chances.

All of this washed down with a fine vintage of Diet Pepsi (best if consumed by 10-19-2009)

Don't tell me rednecks can't appreciate up town dining.


Paladin said...

Losing the pounds sure gets harder as we get older, don't it?

It was much more fun putting on the weight I gained when I quit smoking, than it has been taking it off - that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

way to go!