Monday, August 03, 2009

Will you be deemed a USELESS EATER

I guess that depends on who is asked the question.

Take 7 minutes out of your busy day and watch this.


Anonymous said...

it seems the big o thinks everyone but himself would be deemed useless. at what age do "they" think we become seniors? it bet it isn't 75! keep up the fight.

GUYK said...

we gotta keep the man says...our lives depend on it

Ghost Dansing said...

i think this is pretty much nonsense.

the current system is designed to maximize profit; extract as much money as possible for any medical service, and minimize the delivery of those services.

corporations make money in two ways. 1. they shape the population they service through outright exclusion, or by having higher risk members pay higher costs. 2. by excluding and denying medical services.

there is a massive amount of money flowing in the "health care" industry, and the only thing that industry is geared toward is maximizing profits....

health care depends on collective-monies, not "free market".

the only difference is that the collective monies are now managed by corporations that are answerable only to their shareholders for profit margins.

the government is at least answerable to the people..... in fact that government is the only social institution that CAN ensure availability of medical care to ALL the people.

corporations have no such interest or mandate.... in fact their very premise for operations is antithetical to actually delivering service to everybody.

the nonsense that somehow laissez faire free market just brings all good is just that.... nonsense.

then add to that the reality that any industry reliant on the collective monies and distributed by insurance corporations is not "free market" at all.

big corporations want government out of their business because it messes-up their big scam.....

and that's why we have nonsense like this video.

Nicole said...

Good video. Thanks for finding this and posting it.

Anonymous said...

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