Friday, August 21, 2009

Metal chapeau

Taking a lead from the inimitable elisson I have found for myself a new bit of headgear.

Giving new meaning to the term "Metal Head", which term might more aptly apply to GOC on a Sunday I am wearing a platter cover from the early part of the last century which has seen better days.

Found lying in the weeds near an old farm house it has been the object of thrown rocks, whacks from what look to be sling-blades and maybe even a lawnmower or two.

Strange location and treatment for a sterling silver cover from The Gorham Martele Company.

What strange treatment for such an item, and an even stranger resting place tonight.

If I had a brain I might refer to it as my BrainBucket


Paladin said...


If you ever have to dash outside in a hailstorm - you're set!

Jean said...

I do believe it accents your blue eyes ;-)

Elisson said...

It's not just something with which to play -
It keeps the Alien Thoughts away!
Your tender Brain-Meat is what it'll save
When the Little Green Men send their Thought-Control Wave.

(plus, it looks positively dashing!)