Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flickers from inside the Grotto

For lo these many years now we have slide ever more deeply into the morass of political correctness in this country.

Laws are enacted forbidding you to even possibly think a negative thought about anybody, any race, any country, any religion or sexual persuasion. Soon we'll all have to wear blinders like the ol' mule hooked to the plow lest we even acknowledge anyone else's presence let alone notice that their eyes may be of a different hue.

An alien from outer space landing in this country for the first time would think by noting the vast number of laws against everything that each and every individual in the world hated every other individual, group, cult, gang, whatever, in the whole world.

Just Dang.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that we need very few laws in these regards. Indeed,we need far fewer laws period, and like some of my libertarian friends we need only to ask the question, "Was anyone harmed by force, fraud or violence?". If yes, then let the punishment fit the crime, but let's get over the idea that we have to legislate every aspect of an others life.

Today in this country there are vast numbers of people enjoying the idea that they are pitted against vast numbers of.....Those, Them......whoever it is politically, financially, racially, political party affiliation, skin color or whether they dye their hair orange and wear black lipstick. It's tearing the fabric of this once great nation apart. Fear, whether a real danger exists or not, will drive people to do insane things, horrible things, things most of us don't want to admit to, even in our darkest nightmares.

Personally I'm of the mind like our old good friend, Rodney King asked after he'd literally had the sense knocked out of him while rampaging on PCP, "Can we all just get along?".

But no, apparently we can't, despite laws and regulations too numerous to count. There are laws benefiting or restricting every group or individual you can think of. Whatever happened to the concept of equality, under the law, for all, so that we are each able to pursue whatever we think will bring us happiness or fulfillment.

Perhaps we need less legislating, more common sense, and a whole lot more individual responsibility.

Unfortunately it may take two generations to turn the tables around again.

At least that's what it looks like as I peer out of the Kudzu Grotto.

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