Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winding Down

At least I thought that was what the year was supposed to be doing.

Around here ol' Father Times doesn't seem to have lost a step since June. Busier than a three legged dog in a rabbit hunt. Still, while I left at 9am and drove back and forth for over 200 miles, sometimes at 80 mph (like the time just before I saw the Sheriff's car parked beside the abandoned hotdog stand just outside Franklin Springs) I wound up back here, right where I started from. I can travel farther and make less progress than anybody I know.

The snow from the weekend is mostly gone except for a few patches in the shade, although it's been windy and cold enough to mostly dry out the ground that's now showing.

I think I'm just going to forgo the rest of this year and stick around home till after the weekend. I'm sure it will ring on down to 2011 just fine without me. Still if the fire works Friday night sound too close and too much like Tec-9's I may be forced to rouse myself and light off a few .357 cherry bombs. That reminds me......I need to make a run to Wally World to the sporting goods section soon. You can't have a really good New Year's celebration with out enough noise makers and those little annoying thing-a-ma-jigs you blow into that sends a paper annoyance uncurling into someone's face.

It's been quite a year here at the Kudzu Grotto. Lot's has happened and nothing much seems to have changed.

I'm looking forward to the New Year and the onslaught of potential presidential candidates announcing there intention of running for office in 2012. More than ever the internet will have to do yeoman's duty to hold their feet to the fire.
Get out there and do your part.

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