Thursday, December 09, 2010

Shots fired in the 'Hood today

First I see 4 or 5 young truants with their hoodies and dreadlocks walking down the pipeline that bisects the neighborhood. A couple minutes time takes them over the road to Nowhere and a pistol sounds off.......maybe a 9 maybe a .380.
Another couple minutes and I see them hurrying back up the pipeline close to my chain link fence and through the yard next door where at least one of them live. They keep watching me furtively as I hold the cell phone to my ear and watch them. Called no one, just gave that impression.

Imagine my surprise when 5 Clarke County police cars converge on the edge of the road at the corner of Smokey at a house on the otherside of us.

Thinking they might be responding to reports of shots fired I walk over and volunteer what I'd seen and heard.

They'd actually come out because a deputy had driven by while they were across the road and they'd scattered like a covey of hard hunted quail. Thinking it suspicious the constable called it in.

While the K-9 unit worked the Now here road side, two other deputies questioned the youngsters next door.

Apparently satisfied the deputies all converged back to their cars and the Juveniles next door along with either the mother of some or a girlfriend piled into their own 3 cars and left the scene toot sweet(sic).

Does anybody want to trade about 20 acres out in the country for a 3 bdrm, 2 bath house in an excellent neighborhood with all the amenities?

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