Monday, August 29, 2011

As promised

The oak buffet, or sideboard, as some us remember hearing them called in our youth.

I wish the round turned posts on either side were more visible in the photo, the growth rings spiral round like a candy cane......very nice. The hardware appears to be original and age appropriate. Probably the mirror has been replaced as it has none of the flaking of backing that caused many, let's call them beauty, spots to show through.

The new kitchen table is in the next room. At first I thought to strip it and show the natural oak under the paint, but I'm beginning to think there is a reason that it was factory painted. Most likely because, while it is solid oak, there are many short boards joined together and the overall effect may be less than perfect to the eye.
Still it is a nice solid, well made table and if we can find a set of chairs that will complement will make a nice heirloom table........well maybe not heirloom, but we're getting on towards middle age and it can probably last most of the next 131 years.

Unless we get drunk and climb up there and start dancing around showing our asses. In which case, the table may survive, but, we'll likely break our fool necks.

One thing I've learned by observation........

The rich don't necessarily have better taste, they simply know that if you start with quality you won't be having to spend money to replace it every time you turn around. That saves money, which eventually makes one rich.......or tightwadish.


Jean said...

Both lovely, lovely choices.
Quality wins every time, IMHO.

Catfish said...

Looks great

Joyce Partridge said...

Beautiful piece, i can see your bride smiling!