Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Future plans

I think I'm gonna join the local Republicrat party. Not that I have anything to contribute or anything.
I just want to be able to identify the bastards so if I see them crossing the street I can hit the accelerator.
I might get me one of those brush guards to go on the front of the Red Ram first. I don't want to ding my bumper. It's hard enough to get the bug shit off the grill.

Maybe I'll get one of those big hay bale spikes too. Then I can see how many will fit on there before I have to pry them off.

Just Damn!


US said...

I love you, but you scare me!

kdzu said...

No need for fear.......Under Kdzu is here.
Srsly, my dear niece, having long experience and much therapy and thought, I've learned that venting the pressure cooker of my darkness is better than allowing the boiler to burst.
So no worries......I still love puppies and little children, even those with small ones of their own.