Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Did they wimp out?

Did the Israelis blink in their latest tete'a tete' with hissbolla (may pig piss be ever upon them)?

Sure looks like it at this time. But, I think that the fact that the US didn't outright come to their aid with material and other support had more to do with it than the fact that we have this UN imposed 'cease fire'.

In effect, I believe, the West backed down from Iran which was overtly shipping missles and supplies and also trained fighters into Lebonon. Had they sat on their hands the Israelis would have had an easier time of it.

What has happened in effect is to hand the Islamo-faciest-terrorist a major victory. Not in armed conflict but in preception in the arab and persian camp.

Until we in the west wake up, grow a set of brass balls, and start doing the hard things we will continue to receive the little supprises that the moo-slimes (may pig piss be ever upon them) have in store for us.

We need to carry the fight to them on their own terms. While it may go against the grain and offical policy of the government, we need to develope and send in covert operators by the thousands and kill the leaders, including heads of governments if necessary, by stealth, quietly, and sometimes by targeting by lasar from miles away.

We have the weaponery, we have some of the operatives. We just need to increase their ranks by many multiples, because many of them will not come back.

Just my view from deep in the kudzu.

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