Thursday, August 03, 2006

Killin' ain't good enough

I don't know guys, and girls. I think of myself sometimes as a fairly tolerant guy. I'll let you believe as you like, if only you'll allow me the same privelege.

Even Moo-slimes (pig piss be upon them) as Denny of GOC calls them. As long as they act in a civilized manner, I'd allow them to worship as they please as long as they didn't try to force it on any . one . at . all.

Like I say, a tolerant guy. I've had people take financial advantage of me, and I remain calm. Besides revenge is a dish best tasted cold isn't it Jake?

Now for a guy growing up in the sixties, being trained to stuff our heads up our asses, er, uh, I mean under our desks in case of a bright light and mushroom cloud. Seeing wars, and assinations, and the Ed Sullivan show. You can hardly blame me for being a little apprehensive about the possibility of having children in that kind of world.

But, I loved all four of my children.

And now that they have children of their own, my heart like the Grinch's has grown, along with the size of my family.

But, when I read as I did about this pedophile who claims that men having sex with boys should be protected as some kind of religion,
on the Drudge Report this morning, my heart turns black and cold. Ice cold like yellow piss in the northern part of Greenland which freezes before halfway to the snow.

Nothing you could do to him will be punishment in my opinion. As my southern forebears were wont to say, " Killin's too good for th bastard.

Causes the Kudzu to grow thick and lush.


Jean said...

saw that on line recently and e mailed it to my best friend who recently moved to Rocky River... and, you're right....killin' IS too good...damn sonufabitchin bastard sicko shit..... damn!

Erica said...

daaaang ... farkin' psychotwats out there!

this really made my blood turn black ... some people just beg to have their genitals mutilated.