Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pitiful Pup

Wow ! Did we ever have a thunderstorm last night. Rain by the bucket fulls and thunder and lightening continiously for an hour and a half.

What made it especially bad was to watch precious pup turn in to terrified pup.
We of course know that he is afraid of loud noises, but, he was inconsolable last night. Around and around the inside of the house he would trot. From one room to the next hiding under the bed the table the computer desk.. Couldn't be held either, he couldn't get away from the noise there.

I walked to the door to look out and he ran up as is he had to go take a leak.
So....against my better judgement I walked him out on the porch and told him to hurry up & do his little thing. Oh No. He's not going to step off the porch without me going with him. So out we both went. Me telling him to hurry up and him trying to find the perfect spot. Finally the deed was done and we ran back inside.

As soon as we're back inside, he wants to go out again because I'm still at the door.
I'm as slow learner but this time I call for the umbrella. Out we go. Over toward the truck this time. Okay, I'll let him water the wheel. No, he wants to get in the truck. I figure he wants to get in to hide so, in we both go. I Crank it up and turn on the A/C which makes its own kind of noise. So he hides under my legs and the drivers seat and lays down. More or less calm. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, he's probably an 8.

We sat that way for about and Hour. You tell me, who's the master here.

I guess he has his on patch of kudzu.

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Jean said...

don't we all, dear sir.....don't we all?