Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Travel tips

Where do you go when there's no place to go?

Who do you turn to when there's no one there?

What do you anchor to when the water is deeper than your anchor rope is long?

When there is no light at the end of the tunnel not even a train rushing to run you over, and there is no end to the tunnel, do you keep going, turn back, or sit on the tracks?

When it's harder to stay than go, why stay?

When the rock you thought you were standing on turns to quicksand, do your thrash for the edge or simply sink slowly out of sight?

No destinations in sight. Need travel tips.

No more room for kudzu, I'm throughly entwined.


Jean said...

K.D. it sounds like you are having some dark days.Try to remember that we are all in this together... not alone....you matter dear man.
The questions you ask here are scary....but I love the form you used to express yourself.
I added my e-mail address to my profile....if you ever want to write.
I hope my last comment about the kudzu didn't discourage you from keeping it as your signature ending.

K. D. Zu said...

Thanks Jean,
We are going thru some dark days.
You never think you'll have to start from scratch again at my age.
Easy to think "loser". But I don't think we're put here to give up. We must somehow, no matter what, endure to the end.
So we dust ourself off, and start again. Sure beats living in East Central Africa. After all we'll still have our TV, and hopefully after the move even DSL. I'll not abandon the Kudzu. It's the only place I can hide.
Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Jean said...

I'm gonna keep checking on ya, dear man.

Lil Toni said...

"That which doesn't kill us..."

"When God closes a door, he opens a window..."

Thinking of you and yours.