Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just sitting here.......

having read all my favorite blogs, commenting on a few. Mostly lurking.

The motivation to write seems to be weak, but a guy once told me that if you didn't feel like praying, thats the time to get on your knees.

Perhaps the same with blogging.

We have the newest grandchild for the next two days. Boy is that a shock to our old selves. Thankfully tonight I had taken my medication before she got the colic and started screaming, so I was reasonably calm about it. But, Lord that child has a set of lungs on her. The world champion hog caller of 2020 is going to have a run for the money if she enters.

Finally she has drifted off to dreamland where hopefully she'll have pleasant dreams, while I stand watch with garlic, a silver cross and Browning Hi-power to ward off any boogymen.

Need to put together a flyer for our business to take to a luncheon tomorrow.

550 realtors, hopefully a few of them will be babes so as to make the rubbery chicken go down a little easier.

For a shy retiring type such as my self it'll be a trial, but somebody has to do it and there is no one better than me for buttering up the ladies.


to work

to help hold the kudzu down to managable levels.

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Jean said...

always knew you were a charmer...:)