Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wherein I have been blessed

Behind a Fathers Mask

To a small infant child, behind the mask of a father
is a person who is never wrong

He seems to know answers to all of her questions and
he is powerful and strong.

With a kiss to a boo-boo or a pat on the back, he
takes pains of the body away.

He makes pains of the heart disappear with a hug
and the words "I'm here to stay".

As the child grows older and independent, she also
grows away from the man she calls dad.

A relationship with him is just something she
holds in her heart that she once had.

Now a rebellious teenager who claims to know all
Dad never seems to be right.

And the long talks they once had now take the
form of a never ending fight.

So she leaves the masked mans arms to see the
world on her own

And learns too quickly life could have been easy
had she only known.

After fighting the battles with him and saying
things that weren't meant

Thru all of the madness and tears only his
love was being sent.

And now a full grown woman, independent and

It is understood he was trying to be what she needed
him to be.

So she no longer tries to see behind her
fathers mask

Now answers come without effort about a good and
bad past

And she sees him thru different eyes than a young
infant child and his identity comes thru

He is not just my father, nor is he my enemy,
he is my dearest friend - forever true.

Written by; My oldest Child
on 6 -17 - 90

I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren, and they are all, and each, my favorites. Completley different and each unique. I am in awe that they are on loan to me.

I thought for a moment the kudzu had cleared from my vision.

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Jean said...

Larry, I read this this morning... but had to come back to leave a comment now... after the tears stopped. One of the most beautiful things I have EVER read! To be the recipient of such love... wow.