Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where is the wisdom?

Brush your teeth after each meal.. Floss after every meal. Use this toothpaste or the other to never have a cavity. See your Dentist twice a year.........

...Oh! By the way. Be sure to have your wisdom teeth extracted as soon as they come in.

Every body hears these messages from the time their young. Toothbrushes are one of the most highly advertised items in the world.

They put flouride in the water to strengthen teeth.

Does any of it do any good if you don't heed their advice (whoever THEY are)?

I've been fairly lucky with my teeth over the decades. A few cavities. One or two crowns from trying to open bottles or crack nuts with my teeth. I brushed, rarely flossed. And never had my wisdom teeth all pulled. One came thru the gums, and three are impacted, but never gave me any real problems....

.....until now.

Whoa boy can those puppies hurt. Inflame the gum. Bleeding when brushed. Very sensitive.

May have to bite the bullet and find a cheap jawbreaker to pull it out.

Their called wisdom teeth, because if your smart you'll have them yanked out when your young.

Need to chew some kudzu to see if it has any medicinal properties.


Jean said...

ouch!......poor guy.
Might want to Google "kudzu" before chewing....just to make sure it isn't toxic....just sayin'

K. D. Zu said...

Thanks Jean,
We used kudzu as cow feed in my youth, both as pasture and hay.
The japanese eat it fixed some way or other and also use it to make paper.
I'll probably just rinse with warm salt water and take some tylenol.
Thanks for the concern.