Sunday, December 10, 2006

If you don't..........

.......write for a week does that make you less of a blogger.

Lately it seems that some few of the regulars I have been reading have slowed down on their production quite a lot.
Yours truly included.

I could blame it on the rush and hassle of the holidays and the season and all.

It's not like there is nothing going in on the hill lately. The kudzu continues to grow apace. Some days more growth than others. Lately its been coolish hereabouts and the days are shorter so not so much.

Of course I could blog about the lack of decency shown by some of our pop idiots, er I mean idols such as Brittney’s latest. I wonder what old Walt Disney thinks about this?

The nude human form is infinite and varied. I don't give a rats ass if you choose to go around naked all day. If Sophia Loren in her prime walked by naked as the day she was born, all I'd do is admire for a moment and ask if she needed a coat or anything. Unless of course she made it plain the she had amorous designs on my person. Then of course out of courtesy and lust I'd have to try my best to oblige. (Yeah, like that would happen). But, even in my younger days I was able to control the one-eyed pajama snake, or the old velvet headed dragon. Probably due to my protected upbringing, or perhaps seeing the cows and bull, the dogs, the cats and all of nature doing it and thereby testifying to the time and the place being appropriate.

But the sheer audacity of using a shaven puss as a way to grab media attention and hopefully another shot at the lime light is obscene in the ultimate sense.

There must be something left to the imagination to keep your interest. If it's all revealed for the world to see and laught at it looses its value and should and ultimately will be discarded as yesterdays newspaper. Fit only to wrap fish entrails in to be tossed into the garbage can of life.

Such a shame. She, a beautiful girl, with a modicum of talent, has been seduced by the dark side.

Bet the kudzu is green and lush in her mind and soul.


Jean said...

oops... I hope to have something soon (if I am on your regular read list). Not so much the busy holiday season that is my excuse. The kudzu seems to have gotten wound a bit tight lately.

Glad to see you posting again!

kdzu said...

Every day I check. Always appreciate your creativity.