Friday, December 29, 2006

Prayer Call

Hey Guys, lets send a few prayers up for LL and th’ kiddies OK?

I mean she's always asking for other people. Why not her and th' monkeys for a change.

Can't hurt. Now come on, you know it doesn't.


Kat said...

Prayers said earlier when I read about their "adventure" on her blog... tossed a few more prayers skyward just now.

Thanks for posting this! :)

Lil Toni said...

My bloggy momma an chilrens are ALWAYS in my prayers, but so nice of u to post this!
Happy New Year, Sugah!!!

Jean said...

Larry... warmly wishing you and yours the very best New Year possible!
Thanks... for everything.

LL said...

Awwww, hon. I'm sorry I don't get over here often enough that I missed this when it went up! Thank you so much. *hugs*