Tuesday, December 26, 2006


The Fat Man has sung, and I survived all the feasting and gifting.

Oh boy, did we eat. From the time I arrived Sunday afternoon till after dark last night. Sugar cookies, crab dip and puffs, turkey from the rotisserie, ham from the oven glazed with Coke_a_Cola, cranberry relish, cream corn tasted fresh off the cob. We had banana pudding (homemade not out of a can) cakes, pies. There was a beautiful ginger bread house, and many more goods than I had room to eat or remember.

I received a gentle hint (not intentional, I'm sure) to loose weight, when I received several pair of jeans 34 in waist instead of 36.
An ergonomical key pad which I'm using now and trying to get used too. may have to rearange the desk drawer and the keypad shelf so it will fit. An executive Parker pen befitting my status as man of the world and blogging fool.

But most of all, I was blessed to be surrounded by the love of my family, All of them I'm so happy to report, even if some had to be visited on Sunday, which made it a most memorable and merry Christmas.

Now to begin the annual diet regime of pistachio nuts and too much chocolate to eat untill all gone. Pistachio nuts will clean you out like a coffee enema. After which perhaps I'll get serious about getting into those pants.

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Jean said...

36?... doesn't sound too bad... for a man your age...:) kidding, dear.

The crab puffs sound yummy!