Sunday, December 31, 2006

Out with the old........ with the New Year.

It's 10:52 on the eve of the New Year.

No racous parties here at the kdzu homesite. Well, Young Frankenstein is on the tube. I love the scene where while holding Terri Garr, whatisname says what huge knockers. And she titters (sorry) and says "why thank you".

I guess I should be thinking of how I need to change things for the new year. Sorry, I tend to do most things on the spur of the moment. No forethought. Very little planning.

Neal Boortz is fond of saying that continuing to do the same thing, over and over, and expecting to get a different result is the defination of insanity. Well there are some who have had doubts about my sanity for many years. Some would include me. They even pay me a little based on that.

Boortz has had some influence on my libertarian leanings over the years. All right, I confess that I did vote for Regan and Bush I & II. The alternatives scared the living hell out of me and still do. But I'm on medication and am doing much better now . They've cured me of thinking that any of the members of our two national parties are worthy of a vote, even to keep out the demons at the door.

I often said that we should have Jimbo Peanut, so the country and economy could collapse and we might be on the path back to constituiional protections of our God give rights. A pipe dream I guess, but at least we wouldn't be actin insanely every four years.

But as is my wont, I digress. This post is supposed to be about how I want to change things inso far as I have power in the coming New Year.

I will not stoop to making resolutions. Those are quickly forgotten or ignored. I'll simply state a few of my goals. All the so called self improvement gurus say you must write them down for you to have a chance of keeping them. Let this be considered my list for 2007.

I will endevor to loose 20 lbs this year. Maybe by next christmas I'll be able to wear a 34 waist pants again.

I will make time to tell those important to me that I love them.

I will save more money. Cutting out the soft drinks and candybar every time I pass a convenience store would help quite a bit there.

I will give service to someone I don't know who needs it.

I will take the steps outlined in all the courses and classes I have paid good money for over the years. Just the money back that I paid for them would come to a tidy sum.

After denying for years that money does not interest me, I confess that it is a strong driving force in my life. I will not be a slave to the pittance that social security claims awaits me in the next 10 years. I might not live that long.

I will strive to better the lives of those I come in contact with.

I will speak out about the insanity that I see around me. Who cares if people are offended. "Stupid is as stupid does", according to Mister Gump. If you can't poke fun at the emporer once in a while, who will tell them their walking around without any clothes? If they can't take a little laughter what good are they anyway?

There are many things that need changing, but let's take it a little slowly at first shall we.

Anyway, a start on some goals for the New Year.

First I've got to clean out a little of the kudzu patch and see where I'm standing. It might be that I'm not on a hill but in a bog.

Happy New Year. And as Tiny Tim said, "God Bless us Everyone", and especially bloggers, many of whome have been very kind to me.

Or was that "Tiptoe thru the Tulips"

Blame it on the drugs.


Anonymous said...

... that would be Marty Feldman, sir.....


kdzu said...

Sorry Eric, I believe Marty played Igor, but I still can't place that curley headed guy who played young Dr. Frankenstein.

Jean said...

Gene Wilder... Gilda Radner's husband.

kdzu said...

Exactly Jean. Of course!
Where has he gotten off to?

Jean said...

He finally remarried, but I have no idea what he's doing professionally. I always liked him.