Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As Expected

As we have come to expect from the congress critters in the Asylum-on-the-Potomac, the leading dumb-o-crat in the senate harry reid (lack of capitals representing the authors disdain) has reacted negatively to President Bush's speech requesting the Congress act to allow drilling in the OCS (outer continental shelf) and ANWR (arctic national wildlife refuge) actually on .0001% of ANWR.

Showing once again that they will fight anything George W. Bush proposes simply because they don't like the fact that he won the 2000 presidential race fair and square.

What arrogance these asshats have. Despite a financial and energy crisis that will cause untold financial suffering to the people they are elected to represent, and shows the rest of the world that Americans have the spine of a jellyfish, they choose to play party politics as usual.

I rather suspect that the Founding Fathers of this once great country are spinning around on their eyebrows. Although they had not a clue about petroleum in their day, they knew that a nation truly was only as strong as the unity (in spite of differences) that it's leaders showed to the rest of the world.

I can only imagine how the OPEC nations must have felt to hear harry reid's comments, after a speech which made them, at first, sit up and take notice. But, then they knew that their flunkies in our congress were well and truly paid for.

The finest politicians money can buy

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