Thursday, June 05, 2008

There and back again

Wow! Welcome back kdzu.

It's been a week and a half since last we heard from the intrepid Boy Sky Commander.
What wonders has he seen and what exotic locales have been visited.

Oh! you don't mean the trips in his head? Sorry. The actual going and comings, the physical happenings are not so exotic and exciting as might have been imagined.

Let's see........well, first and most important after a 2 week stay in the Howell Auto Hospital, lit'l Red was released with a transplanted transmission. No junk yard throw-away for her but a new, shiny aluminum hulled model freshly put together from parts no doubt made in are most things these days. A welcome and joy filled reunion.......but, alas.........not in time to make the long anticipated trip to the wilds of West, by God, Virginia. There to commune with most of the estrogen driven clan members. Probably a good thing as aged testosterone does not mix well with chemically supplemented levels of hormones of the feminine kind.

Although I did miss out on the view from the porch.

But, I was able to travel to Monroe, NC to visit the daughter and her family, especially the two grandchildren whose birthdays we a little late....and the other a little early.

Here is Miss Rose primping with her new set of antique sterling silver mirror and brush. Circa; 1956......and Grandpa-and-Larry showing Sebastian the important things to look for on his 123 year old MS 63 graded Morgan silver dollar. Which item he designated part of his pirate's treasure, since he loves The Pirates of the Caribbean .

Other than that not much going on. The garden is putting up some new bean and squash sprouts. The two tomato plants continue to enjoy a cooling drink of stored rain water ever day or so.

I finally gave in to the entreaties of the spousal unit and put the yard swing up between the cherry tree and the white oak tree. With a white petunia on one end and purple on the other it's a nice place to swing in the shade of an afternoon and allow your senses to dissolve down to only the scent.

Hotter than I'd personally like to see it in the day time.......but, after all this is the south. The kudzu is growing.....albeit a little slower due to the drought.....but surely soon there will be purple blossoms there also.

So........I'm back.......if anybody cares.


MamaKat said...

Welcome back. You were missed.

Anonymous said...

hi kiddo, we certainly missed you!
thanks for the pictures of Rose & Sebastian & you! J

Northwoods Woman said...

of course we care!