Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Lupercalia day Lovers and seekers.

I hope you all are out this evening eating prime rib washed down with expensive wine in the hopes of a chocolate covered dessert when you get home.

Me......I'm sitting her resting my tired ol' feet and thinking about a bed to sleep in.

I was up early (for me) at 5 am in order to go the the Peach State Archeology Society Show in May-retta (Marrieta GA) this morning.

In my never ending quest to garner shekles to pay the green grocer and other tradesmen for some of the necessities and niceties of life, I've jumped in the deep end of the pool once again and opened a website to move some of the (some would call junk, others fine collectibles) Stuff that I come in contact with. Today was an opportunity to Network as the youngun's say.

I'm always finding something that sparkles, and like a crow, I swoop down and snatch it up to carry away to my nest....where there it remains neither eating nor sleeping, but like the unworthy servant it also doesn't earn any return on the talents given for it.

We had a fine ol' time. Lots of dealers and members from the society. Unfortunately there were few buyers......whether due to the economy, or not enough people informed of where we were, ie, lack of advertising.... to sample our wares.

Still fun was to be had. I introduced young Serenity (all of a grown up 9 years old) to the pleasures of eating lamb, which made her go.........ooooohhhhh, wrinkle her nose up, and then chow back down with a hearty appetite. (Good girl)

One of my pieces of Pottery won the certificate for best pottery piece. I also cleaned up at the raffle held just before we wrapped up for the day, bringing back to the table a very nice Anasazi pot (small but extremely nice), and a replica pipe donated by the Etowah Indian Museum.

So a fine day.

The Missus and I will likely go out for Chinese on the morrow to celebrate at least 42 Valentines days, afterward to waddle back to the Kudzu Grotto stuffed to the gills........and later.....who knows? Maybe somebody will get lucky.


Sam said...

Off topic, but is that big ass 2D chicken still at the KFG in May-retta?

U use to live there.

Sam said...

Sorry...can't type.

KFC and no U

kdzu said...

It is indeed there Sam. They tried to tear it down but the local citizenry threatened them with lynching if they they repainted it and we still use it as a landmark. Still looks good too.