Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wha........What th......

Where'd my blog go??

I click over there to check up on any comments (hardly anyone ever comments 'cept a very few, must be my bad breath) and there is nothing to be seen.

I can click on my archives and it's all WTH??

It could be that I'm going blind....but if that was the case you'd think it would have happened in my teens or twenties at the latest. Maybe there's a delayed reaction. I haven't had to shave my palms in years.

Don't guess many will miss me.

Think I'll go out and eat worms.

UPDATE; There it is......must have looked at it crosseyed.


Anonymous said...

i would sure miss u!
keep on keeping on brother dear.
I love you.

LL said...

Ok, first off, I'd miss you! Secondly, make sure you have a back up of your blog!!

Jean said...

Same thing happened when I tried to read Aspergantus. He said it had something to do with viewing with firefox. Then, I came here and said OH NO!
I tried viewing both of you using IE but it was the same.

Now, this morning, both are back to normal. WTF? dunno.

I am much relieved to see all is returned to normal.
Yes, you would be missed!

Kat said...

Hey, I'D miss ya too! No disappearing on us! And that's an order! :) ;)